Brittle Bone Disease, What Are the Characteristics?

Bone is often perceived as the strongest part of preparing the framework and structure . While it is the way it is , it turns out this is not the same applies . Especially in patients with bone fragility ( ostogenesis imperfecta / OI ) .

People with OI bone is very thin and fragile and has a low mineral density . People with OI bone is generally very easy to break at any location without any conflict . This is due to the lack of production of collagen which is a constituent of the bone caused by gene mutations . As a result of this disease can not be cured and continue to last a lifetime .

In addition to brittle bones , OI has several other critical symptoms . " Usually the sclera ( white part of the eye ) people with blue or gray , patients also experience impaired petumbuhan teeth , muscles , joints , hearing , and short stature , " says bone health expert from the Royal Children's Hospital , Melbourne , Australia , Dr . Margaret Zacharin . Sclera eye color is the result of a lack of collagen production .

OI course diagnosis can only be made up orthopedic doctor or endocrinologist children . Diagnosis is done by a medical interview , know the history of fracture , see the physical condition of the patient , and the checking of molecular genetics . This diagnosis can only be established when patients are generally aged 1 year , and usually fractures . It is also usually preceded misdiagnosis .

According to Margaret , fault diagnosis due to the possibility of the doctors who do not recognize the symptoms of OI . Unfortunately , this condition is supported minimal knowledge of the communities .

"The people of Indonesia considers the brittle bone age is normal and going strong on its own at the age of puberty . Knowledge , it is also believed most doctors . Whereas fractures , especially that happened a few times when I was the age of the child , should be wary , " said Margaret .

Something similar endocrine experts say children from RS . Cipto Mangunkusumo , dr . Aman B. Pulungan Sp.A ( K ) . According to him , the lack of knowledge coupled case has yet been recorded in number , causing public health professionals and partly lay in OI cases . OI has distribution 1 case per 20 thousand , then the amount of 80 million Indonesian children will likely be 4 thousand cases of OI in Indonesia.

But Aman argues , that amount may not cover all cases of OI . Because minimya knowledge society and health professionals . And if you get treatment early , patients with OI can live longer and have offspring .

" There are at least two things that signify OI , ie fractures in places undue and scooped first collision . If these two things happen you should immediately consult a doctor to get treatment , " said Aman .

Early therapy allows correction of bone structure and density before puberty , so it can grow healthier as adults . Several therapies are granting biphosphonat undertaken to improve the structure of bones and muscles that move people not weak .